Since the onslaught of the recent economic crisis, the identification of strong commercial management together with robust pertinent managerial responses to organisational decline has become increasingly important. Furthermore, response strategies have become an important method of dealing with turbulent environments and are one of the most important decisions that senior management must make.

The strength of commercial management processes and procedures within a business is invariably the difference between success and failure and this has never been more the case than in the last 24-months.

The rapid increase in the rate of inflation together with the pressure on the supply chain owing to global supply shortages is providing for a market of unprecedented commercial challenges.

Having provided robust commercial support to many of our clients throughout this period and following ongoing demand in respect of the same, we have become acutely aware of the ongoing demand for such services.

In response to this demand, we are pleased to announce the introduction of our Commercial and Operational Turnaround Service which aims to support new and existing clients in crisis management and turnaround.

The division is led by Kelly Taylor and supports small to medium sized businesses within the Construction, Highways and Utilities sectors. If you are a contractor or specialist subcontractor facing key market challenges and need additional support to establish the best course of action and the most effective strategy, our team is available to assist.

With 22 year’s industry, financial and commercial experience you can trust our specialist turnaround team to offer the expert guidance and support your business requires.

Promising efficient engagement and the introduction of swift action, our team will assist in ensuring you have the support to make the key decisions required quickly. Our priority is to assess the business’s current commercial and financial position and identify the options immediately available to quickly regain control of liquidity.

What exactly is Operational Turnaround?

Operational Turnaround is a process dedicated to corporate renewal by way of identifying the reasons for failing performance and quickly ascertaining how best to resolve the issues using directive decisions and actions in order to reverse a declining business as quickly as possible. We achieve this through risk management, cost cutting measures and revenue growth to rectify.

The Benefits

  • An increase in efficiency and profitability
  • Reduction in downtime
  • Creation of strong foundations in preparation for growth

What will it involve?

The principal aim of a Commercial Turnaround is to remove the company quickly from any immediate danger of insolvency and to focus on the critical activities and tasks that restore value. In order assess the changes required we must first perform a business review of the following:

  • Commercial Risk Assessment – Identify the contracts which place the business at significant commercial and financial risk and manage accordingly.
  • Financial – Identify and regain cost control.
  • Business Strategy – Identify the organisational strategy and assess compliance.
  • Operational – Assess Operational Delivery – Identify if operationally the business is delivering at its optimum
  • Infrastructure/People – Identify if the correct people employed and are in the correct
    roles? Does it have the right departmental structure?
  • Commitment and capacity to change- Is the business capable of dealing with
    significant change?

Once the relevant risk assessment has been carried out, our team will propose and implement the following changes:

  • Restructuring of Management
  • Operational Restructure
  • Restructure any outstanding debt obligations
  • Involved and in-depth planning.
  • Capital-intensive strategy
  • Optimum utilisation of resources.

Who We Work With

We help restructure and turnaround small to medium size businesses within the construction, utilities, and highways industry. We help our clients achieve rapid and dramatic performance improvement in the face of significant operational and financial challenges.

How We Work

We achieve successful Commercial and Operational Turnaround by improving productivity,
introducing systems and processes to work more efficiently, managing projects efficiently
and structuring the management team so that the business ensures optimal utilisation.
In addition to this we establish, assess, and proactively prepare companies for key
impending risks that have the potential to interfere with their goals and objectives.

Risk Mitigation

Our team will identify risks and establish strong security procedures and business resiliency measures to reduce risk exposure and maintain compliance through our clients most challenging periods.

Revenue Optimisation

We identify opportunities to maximise revenue growth and increase profits. This is the key to successful long-term growth and resilience in the business. We offer our clients the tools to create a durable, optimised and adaptable strategy for growth.

Operations Overhaul

Cutting costs is easy. Maintaining operational performance after cutting costs is more challenging. We bring our extensive expertise to our clients and help restructure business operations to drive efficiency after reducing operating costs.

For further information on our Commercial and Operational Turnaround Services, contact our team on 0115 9336131 or [email protected].