Construction Dispute Resolution

Why is Dispute Resolution Important in Construction Projects?

What is Dispute Resolution? Dispute resolution refers to processes and techniques used to resolve conflicts and disagreements between parties. This includes negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. In the construction industry, effective construction dispute resolution is essential for settling disputes fairly and keeping projects moving forward. Why is Dispute Resolution Important on Construction Projects? Construction projects…

Construction Consultancy Services

What Does a Construction Consultancy Do?

At its core, a construction consultancy is the backbone that ensures the smooth flow of construction projects from their inception to their completion. A construction consultancy provides expert advice, guidance, and management support to clients working on building and infrastructure projects. They help with planning, design, cost estimating, contract management, and problem solving during all…

Quantity Surveying vs. Construction Management

Quantity Surveying vs. Construction Management: What’s the Difference?

Navigating the world of construction can be quite complex, particularly when it comes to understanding different roles and responsibilities. People often confuse two of these roles: Quantity Surveying and Construction Management. While related, these two functions have unique characteristics and responsibilities. To understand these roles better, we must delve into the distinct facets and the…