Expert Construction Contract Advice from KJ Taylor Consulting

Construction contracts contain complex legal terms that can expose your business to risk if not fully understood before signing. At KJ Taylor Consulting, our in-depth construction contract advice helps ensure you enter favorable agreements that protect your interests.

With over 17 years of experience across major industries, our Managing Director Kelly Taylor leads a team of construction contract experts. We take the time to dive into the details of your contract and provide advice on:

  • Review contracts to understand all details and implications
  • Negotiate favorable contract terms before signing
  • Amend standard form contracts to protect your interests
  • Ensure you comply with construction contract law
  • Avoid costly contractual claims down the road

Unclear construction contract terms can lead to expensive claims down the road that eat into your margins. We proactively identify potential issues in your contracts to avoid unnecessary disputes arising during or after a project.

Our review also ensures you understand all obligations and implications before signing. There are always details hidden in the fine print that need to be addressed. With deep expertise across common contracts like NEC and JCT, we translate the legalese into plain English.

Don’t leave construction contract advice to chance. Our consultancy services take a comprehensive approach to optimize your contracts while avoiding costly risks. Don’t take risks – get in touch for a free consultation on your construction contracts. Our commercial construction consultancy services provide peace of mind that your contracts are optimised.